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Teams to end poverty

Faces of poverty

It kills a child every three seconds. It directly affects 1.2 billion people across the globe. 25 million more people every year join its victims.

No, it’s not war. It’s not natural disasters. It’s not the result of an economic downturn. This frighteningly powerful phenomenon is extreme poverty. And it entraps one fifth of the world’s population, making it almost impossible for them to utilise their talents, to fulfil their potential.

This waste is no longer justifiable. A United Nations Development Programme analysis has revealed that, for the first time ever, the world possesses the wealth, the technology and the know-how to change this situation.

Millions of people, having been denied the education and the means to have useful, fulfilled lives, can now face a different prospect. One which allows them to be energetic, creative, even prosperous members of the human race.

And exactly how will this happen?
Well, what is required is a new commitment. A combination of individual resource, co-operation at all levels of society, a real determination at all levels of government to put this at the top of the agenda. Most importantly, it will involve the mobilisation, perhaps for the first time in this area, of the skills and the drive of the businessworld.

So, whose name should go against the word: ACTION?
The United Nations, in its wisdom, has concluded that you, along with many others like you, are capable of ending extreme poverty over the next ten years.

“Me” we hear you say. “Little old me?” Absolutely.
At the United Nations in 2000, world leaders have set eight “Millennium Development Goals“, which include halving poverty by 2015. And you are fundamental to their success. Whether as an individual or as a company, a municipality, an association, an institution, or a government.

It may surprise you to know that you, and your organization, have the skills and the means to help.

But think about it? Business applies energy and acumen to bring television to the remotest parts of the world, make branded food stuffs, soft drinks and sneakers available everywhere, make telephone links that span the entire globe. If we re-apply that energy and acumen, problems of extreme poverty will be resolved forever.

You will have restored the basic values of equity and human dignity to over 1.2 billion people, offering them a healthy, fulfilled existence. A life without humiliating and patronizing handouts. Moreover, 1.2 billion people will be earning and spending and creating jobs all over the world in the process. That in turn will make the world a safer place, rid of the insecurity and anger that breeds in poverty.

Together, we will put an end to poverty.
Many of the world’s individuals and businessmen and women are already committed to making a difference. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan would like you to be too.

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