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Teams to end poverty


If there were only 100 people living on this earth, 15 of us would be illiterate

One of the main effects of low or no income is lack of education. The poor have no access to training. Those deprived of an education or skills' and vocational training have difficulty finding work or developing their business talents. Poverty prevents both children and adults from going to school. Modern technology is not open to all on an equal footing so the gap between rich and poor is widening. Poor people in far-flung rural areas often find it hard, if not impossible, to attend school because it is just too far to go.

If there were only 100 of us living in this world, just 5 would have access to the Internet

"We must educate all children so that they can help their countries develop. We must build schools and sport centers."
Marissa, 14

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